A girl has shared her ordinary ‘hack’ that restaurants it sounds as if ‘must now not attempting to bag you to understand’ which entails cooking steak with a seemingly unhealthy quantity of butter. You would possess your arteries with the stout video below.

So, as you are going to need already viewed, the ‘hack’ looks to be encasing your total cleave of meat in a mountainous wad of butter, then frying it up in a pan as traditional, while then slamming one other slab of butter on high of it.

OK, so all of us love butter, alternatively it’s indubitably undoubtedly this form of issues that all of us know we love, nevertheless must always restrict the amount we utilize.

Despite all the issues, all the issues sparsely, appropriate?

Credit: TikTok/@tammyloiuseee
Credit rating: TikTok/@tammyloiuseee

Wisely, that maxim clearly will not be any longer something that TikTok particular person Tammy Louse is taking note of.

In her video, she displays how she starts off by coating one half of her steak in a total stick of butter, earlier than doing the right kind identical on totally different facet, then decanting a packet of taco seasoning onto it.

Curiously, here’s how she thinks restaurants build their steak.

As she does it, she says: “Neglect going out to utilize at love restaurants, here’s the most efficient.”

While you scream so, Tammy.

Once she throws the steak into the pan, which – within the occasion you are following the recipe – is on a moderately low warmth – your total part fleet melts correct into a pool of butter.

Credit: TikTok/@tammyloiuseee
Credit rating: TikTok/@tammyloiuseee

Her friend asks: “Does the butter soaks into the meat?”

To which Tammy replies: “The butter soaks. It be going to build it creamy, yummy, all appropriate.”

To be exquisite to her, as soon as she gets rid of the steak from the pan it does notice fairly appropriate, nevertheless many bag questioned whether or no longer she wishes to cook it with that grand butter, and whether or no longer restaurants undoubtedly produce anything love this.

Certainly they’d must add a properly being warning?

Of us who’ve witnessed her cooking have not been backwards in coming forwards.

One particular person commented: “My arteries clogged factual looking at this.”

Credit: TikTok/@tammyloiuseee
Credit rating: TikTok/@tammyloiuseee

One other acknowledged: “Restaurants don’t produce that, I’ve worked at restaurants and that’s the reason no longer the manner they cook. That is factual how she cooks, she factual wishes extra followers.”


Clearly, totally different restaurants can bag totally different programs of doing issues, nevertheless that looks to be the consensus, alternatively capitalised.

Credit: TikTok/@tammyloiuseee
Credit rating: TikTok/@tammyloiuseee

Still, the steak does notice OK, and – goodbye as you’ve a healthy coronary heart and a appropriate exercise regime – who’re we to articulate of us can no longer cook love this?


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