TikTok has seen stars take care of Charli D’Amelio, Khaby Lame and Addison Rae gaining recognition on a huge scale. One of many most up-and-coming TikTokers is @beccamemes, however who is she and how did she rack up so many followers on the social media platform?

Who’s Becca Methodology and why is she renowned?

Becca Methodology, or Becca Memes, is an American TikTok extensive title, social media persona and influencer. 

She is most identified for her witty movies on the platform, under the handle @beccamemes. However, the social media multi-millionaire moreover shares her songwriting clips on TikTok, too. She joined the platform in 2021, sharing silly and most frequently self-deprecating clips.

Methodology moreover runs a YouTube channel, sharing the entire lot from her workout routines and birthday vlogs.

Becca Methodology Key Facts:

  • Precise Title: Rebecca Joan Methodology
  • Age: 18
  • DoB: 22nd October 2003
  • Nationality: American
  • Fetch Worth: $300,000-$400,000 (£222,000-£296,000)
  • TikTok Followers: 2.8M
  • Instagram Followers: 299K
  • YouTube Subscribers: 22K

All numbers comely as of 1st February 2022.

Becca Methodology’ Fetch Worth: How powerful does Becca Methodology make?

Becca Methodology’ estimated salvage worth is $300,000-$400,000 (£222,000-£296,000).

Methodology is believed to gain money via tag sponsorships and manufacturing opportunities via her social channels. She in total tags brands take care of Pacsun and agencies local to her take care of Behavior Salon in Arizona.

The TikTok extensive title has moreover reportedly been snapped up by a song tag and is within the technique of assembly with the tag to devise the liberate of her song in due route.

How passe is Becca Methodology?

Becca Methodology used to be born on 22nd October 2003, making her 18-years-passe in 2022. 

Methodology instructed followers on TikTok that she graduated excessive college by age 17, along with her excessive college trip being “attention-grabbing”, in step with Methodology on her YouTube channel.

She in total parts clips of her fogeys in her YouTube movies, and as soon as in a while tells followers about her five older sisters and their younger of us, making Methodology an auntie to 9 nieces and nephews! 

She instructed her subscribers that her older siblings are called Jessica, Melissa, Erika, Alexa, Savannah. 

Who Is Becca Methodology’ boyfriend?

Despite her occurrence at some stage in social media, Becca Methodology has stored her relationship life within the unnecessary of night time. 

It’s no longer particular whether the TikTok extensive title has a boyfriend or female friend currently, however preserve checking though. We’ll change this internet page as rapidly as all of us know extra.

Two Animated Facts About Becca Methodology:

Despite finding repute on TikTok, Becca Methodology is so powerful extra than true a social media extensive title. From stopping at nothing to drag her dreams, to the heavenly pause to her excessive college mosey, Methodology has some attention-grabbing tidbits about her.

1) Becca Methodology quit her job to pursue a profession in song

On her YouTube channel, Methodology outlined that she quit her job to pursue a song profession. In accordance to the TikToker, she used to be approached by a file tag via the platform. Since then, Methodology left her job to note her dreams!

2) Becca Methodology graduated excessive college one twelve months early

Becca Methodology honest currently instructed her subscribers on her YouTube channel about her excessive college education, most impressively, that she graduated a twelve months early!

The huge title outlined that she used to be undecided whether she had skipped a grade because of doubtlessly being vivid in her youthful years, or if it used to be her lope from California to Arizona which precipitated her to graduate a twelve months early. 


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