Viewers of ITV’s The Plod were left mad after final night’s episode (29 December) saw a contestant seemingly ‘get robbed’ when answering a supposedly correct solution.

Retired GP Lindsey used to be answering questions in opposition to the pretty a few 3 contestants within the closing fling and folks were taking to social media to vent over how unhappy Lindsey ‘used to be robbed’ when he attempted one of many questions.

Host Bradley Walsh requested the 4 contestants, who had all been up in opposition to chaser Paul Sinha: “64ad. Nero began to persecute followers of which religion?” to which Lindsey virtually straight fired back with “Christians.”

But sadly, the answer Walsh used to be shopping for used to be “Christianity.” Smartly, Lindsey used to be virtually moral… wasn’t he?

Lindsey essentially had the answer of the question correct, which is why viewers have been left so annoyed. Credit: ITV
Lindsey primarily had the answer of the quiz correct, which is why viewers were left so frustrated. Credit: ITV

It appears to be like as if social media had been no doubt on Lindsey’s aspect on this one!

One particular person on Reddit pointed out: “But The Sinnerman’s ‘Egypt’ solution used to be well-liked when the real solution is ‘Egyptian’. If Lindsey’s solution had been well-liked, they’d non-public had ample aspects to draw finish.

“Additionally Bradley started without warning learning the questions for the chaser in the direction of the tip. Justice for Lindsey!”

One Twitter particular person acknowledged: “Lindsey should always get all of the money tbh.” We wholeheartedly agree.

“Lindsey is FUMING!!” one other then pointed out.

Smartly, this is no longer any longer the first time social media were left fuming over the hit ITV quiz repeat.

Earlier this month, four contestants named Andy, Michelle, Jacob and Allie went head-to-head in opposition to Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan. Andy used to be the first to be sent home after he chanced on a few questions.

With three left, Michelle fired into the following round with eight correct answers.

Jenny then gave Michelle the option of playing for the next provide of £40,000 or a low provide of £2,000.Surprisingly, she opted to play for the £40,000 and the host, Bradley Walsh, used to be taken aback.

With Michelle storming into the closing, she managed to lastly no longer sleep strolling away with the fleshy £40,000 for herself and the squad.

Allie decided to take Jenny's unbelievable 'record-breaking' minus offer of £17,000. Credit: ITV
Allie made up our minds to expend Jenny’s wonderful ‘file-breaking’ minus provide of £17,000. Credit: ITV

Subsequent up, the game used to be in fleshy swing and the third contestant Jacob used to be up in opposition to Jenny.

After seven correct answers, he used to be given the option of a hit a excessive provide of £50,000 and as a exchange, opted to stick with the £7,000 and a put within the closing round.

Nonetheless, right here is when things switched up a small bit when Allie used to be up next to expend on The Vixen. She gave seven correct answers after which, incredibly, the mum-of-two made up our minds to expend Jenny’s wonderful ‘file-breaking’ minus provide of £17,000.

One viewer acknowledged of the terrifying gallop: “What is point of going on the fling and picking a minus ffs my family would disown me.”


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