There’s a “secret button” hidden within the back of an iPhone which can additionally fair additionally be ragged for beautiful about anything else.

A TikToker has recently printed the hack in a viral video on the platform, sending social media followers into a frenzy.

The diagram, named “Support Tap”, has been a part of the Apple handset for years as an accessibility characteristic. 

Now, the characteristic has since been resurfaced because of the @ellyawesometech’s TikTok videos, which include racked up over 1 million views.

The tech multi-millionaire suggested her followers: “You are utilizing your iPhone coarse within the occasion you are no longer utilizing the Support Tap characteristic.”

“Yes, there may be a secret button on the back of your iPhone.”

“I utilize Support Tap so I will Shazam a song in two seconds,” she printed.

“See at that! Listening, we’re ready to transfer.”

Intrigued? Right here’s easy tricks on how to enable Support Tap on an iPhone and construct basically the most out of this characteristic.

How to enable Support Tap on an iPhone: 

Initially, within the occasion you adore to have to enable Support Tap, you have to like an iPhone with iOs 14 utility, which was released in September 2020 (sorry, Android users!).

Now that you just’ve obtained the trusty spec, that you just may enable the characteristic by opening Settings. Then, click “Accessibility”, followed by “Touch”. 

If you scroll down, you would additionally fair soundless glance the “Support Tap” risk.

Now, accept your consume from the Double or Triple Tap choices, and accept from the record of various functions which that you just may enable with a faucet, literally!

Desire to enable the Shazam characteristic with a double faucet? You wager that you just may! And even you adore to have to rapidly screenshot with a triple faucet, which is also doubtless.

By the system, it’s worth pointing out that your one Support Tap button can regulate both double and triple settings independently. Wintry, trusty?

If you’ve chosen your chosen functions, tapping the back of your phone two or thrice could well additionally fair soundless enable your chosen actions.

All that’s left is to journey your unique tech-savvy characteristic. You are welcome.


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