Fans of the present psychological drama, The Teacher, nowadays watched the second episode on Channel 5. While many viewers bear been left on the fringe of their seat with the set’s twists and turns, others are all asserting the equivalent part regarding the assortment.

The four-part drama sees Sheridan Smith having fun with high school teacher Jenna Garvey who’s arrested on suspicion of getting intercourse with one of her students. The boy in question, 15-three hundred and sixty five days-earlier Kyle Hope, has no memory of the events of the fateful evening.

Within the most most celebrated episode, Jenna turned to alcohol after she refused to head to trial after which entered a guilty plea, as she believes that Kyle’s accusations ought to soundless be factual.

Jenna is then further accused of sending erroneous pictures to the boy via an app, earlier than she works out that he isn’t telling the fact. 

It wasn’t lengthy earlier than viewers took to Twitter to allotment their tips regarding the episode, and they all had worthy the equivalent belief on the set: that it’s “unrealistic”. 

One dwelling-viewers member wrote: “Repeatedly loved Sheridan Smith nonetheless the whole lot about #TheTeacher is so ridiculous. It’s so unrealistic it’s distracting, the predominant character is a utter smash and the acting is so OTT it’s perfect veritably embarrassing and kinda painful to hunt out.”

Within the interim, one other tweeted: “So… watched final nights episode of #TheTeacher; and couldn’t salvage past perfect how unrealistic it is a ways!! When does she set?! Who would wear a skirt that fast to highschool?! Why does she convey it’s good ample to inform in front of kids? I salvage it’s dramatised.. nonetheless near on!!! @channel5_tv”. 

A consuming Twitter user remarked about Jenna’s unrealistic life-style originate air of the compare room: “If truth be told, she would possibly per chance per chance be lesson planning and marking every evening, no longer going out drinking!  #theteacher”. 

“As an English teacher, in her 30s, who lives alone, I would devour to make clear that is NOT how we employ our free time,” said @RawlinsMiss, who works as a teacher in a secondary school. 

“Look for the cat for further particulars,” she endured, taking pictures Jenna smoking and drinking on-conceal conceal in a video, whereas her cat hilariously stares disapprovingly. 

One other viewer mocked the set, writing: “I bear they ought to soundless salvage a life like version of #TheTeacher the place everybody perfect stays up marking until hour of darkness. As soon as in some time a cat would possibly per chance per chance near and take a seat on said marking.”


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