The Island Boys have acknowledged that being raised by a single-mum had precipitated them “to enact plenty of rotten issues”. 

Alex Venegas, who goes by the name of @Flyysoulja on TikTok, only currently took to the platform to answer to a fan’s seek files from: “How properly off had been your of us?”

The social media indispensable person revealed within the clip that being raised with out a father used to be the motive why the twins beforehand racked up felony expenses connected to housebreaking, theft, car theft and medication, in accordance to him.

Previously speaking on the No Jumper podcast, Venegas defined how he and his fraternal twin would the least bit times acquire in difficulty with the law whereas they had been growing up in Florida.

Venegas revealed the reply to the fan-seek files from: “Smartly, to answer to your seek files from, my of us weren’t even properly off.

“I grew up with out a dad, he passed away [when] I was four years feeble. My mum, she tried to enact her easiest to sort out me and my brother. 

“Pointless to claim, you know the scheme in which it goes when a mum is single. She did what she might per chance well, and essentially the most that she might per chance well and we had plenty of freedom, me and my brother,” he revealed.

“And that [caused] us to enact plenty of rotten issues in existence,” he admitted. “And we needed to be taught the laborious scheme trigger we had been laborious-headed. 

“We’re here now from every thing that I realized and know what no longer to enact, and what to enact.”

Verify out the video below:

The video about being raised by a single-mum comes as the Island Boys had been only currently criticised for a resurfaced video, by which one among the pair had been reported to assault a lady after which began crying after she retaliated.

Fans took to the feedback piece of Venegas’ most most contemporary video, writing feedback take care of “I’m a cryland boy” in present to tease the TikToker for the resurfaced clip.

Others wrote, “who saw the vid of him crying” whereas one other asked, “so is it you or your brother who hit that lady after which began crying when she hit you assist”. 

The resurfaced video has since been removed from TikTok. 


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