Taylor Lautner has printed he didn’t proceed to a supermarket or cinema for 10 years after making the Twilight movies, announcing he would indubitably feel ‘colossal anxious’ about going out in public to salvage ‘screaming’ fans. 

Talking to Jason Kennedy on Nowadays earlier this week, Lautner, 29, spoke about what it had been clutch to abilities such mammoth reputation off the support of The Twilight Saga film series – in which he starred as shapeshifter Jacob Sad – when he became as soon as appropriate a teen. 

Credit: Summit Entertainment
Credit: Summit Leisure

He stated: “I became as soon as 16, 17, 18 years old, waking up and searching for to appropriate exit for a stroll or, you know, proceed on a date and… I indubitably grasp 12 cars waiting originate air my condominium to observe me wherever I am going or, you know, whenever you remark up to an airport or wherever and in addition you grasp hundreds of fans screaming. 

“In the moment, or no longer it’s like, it obtained anxious. On legend of you appropriate wished to are residing a long-established existence.” 

He persisted: “But when that’s taken a ways from you the least bit, you begin to quiz yourself, and begin to be, like, ‘Oh, originate folk no longer care about me anymore?’ 

“When it goes away a small bit bit, you leer it, and that’s, that is the harmful section, because that can indubitably mess with your thoughts.” 

Kennedy stated Lautner as soon as suggested him he ‘didn’t proceed to a grocery store, movie theatre or a mall for 10 years,’ which had ‘unnerved’ him. 

He then requested the star what it felt clutch to switch relief into public spaces like these – adding that Lautner now ‘loves’ the supermarket, and goes to one about 5 times per week. 

Credit: Instagram/Taylor Lautner
Credit: Instagram/Taylor Lautner

“It felt like freedom,” Lautner stated. 

“I went so a long time, like, both no longer leaving my condominium, or, if I did, you know, hat, shades… like, jumpy.

“It constructed up one thing interior of me where, I did no longer are mindful of it, but I became as soon as jumpy to exit. I’d acquire colossal anxious to exit. So I appropriate did no longer.” 

Lautner went on to are residing with his folk for some time to exercise quite of time a ways from Hollywood. 

“It became as soon as wanted for me for my part, so I, Taylor, indubitably feel so critically better this day than I indubitably grasp within the closing four or 5 years,” he explained. 

Lautner, who’s now engaged to partner Taylor ‘Tay’ Dome, stated if somebody requested him four or 5 years ago if the reputation became as soon as ‘price it’, he would grasp maybe wished he hadn’t long previous by scheme of it. 

Credit: Instagram/Taylor Lautner
Credit: Instagram/Taylor Lautner
Lautner with fiancee Taylor Dome. Credit: Instagram/Taylor Lautner
Lautner with fiancee Taylor Dome. Credit: Instagram/Taylor Lautner

He added: “But at the same time as you quiz me now, I squawk, ‘No. I’m, I’m jubilant due to the what it’s taught me.’

“It’s made me who I’m honest now. For that, I’m, I’m grateful.” 


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