The musical crossover red meat that we never knew we wanted unfolded at Rebellion Fest in Chicago, where each MGK and Slipknot had been appearing on the identical time.

MGK had some nasty things to say about Slipknot. Credit: PA
MGK had some sinister things to claim about Slipknot. Credit rating: PA

Addressing the crowd, rapper Kelly – exact name Colson Baker – stated: “Hi there, you wanna know what I’m if fact be told delighted that I’m no longer doing?

“Being 50 years historical wearing a fg unfamiliar screen on a stage, talking st.”

In a while within the present off, in keeping with the Chicago Solar-Time, Kelly aimed one other barb on the band.

Sooner than a trudge-by draw of of ‘All I Know’, he stated: “Turn the lights up.

“Let me look who chose to be here rather then with the full historical unfamiliar dudes with masks.”

The 31-year-historical went on to claim that Taylor did a verse for one in every of his songs, however it with out a doubt became ‘fg hideous’ so he didn’t put it to use.

Taylor has now responded to the claims, calling MGK ‘a baby’ and sharing some ponder-opening screengrabs.

In a tweet, the 47-year-historical stated: “I construct no longer admire folks airing non-public st admire a baby.

“So this is all I’ll tell: I didn’t construct the discover because I construct no longer admire when folks try to ‘write’ for me. I stated NO to THEM.

“So with out additional ado…. #receipts. Right here is all I’m going to claim about it.”

The aforementioned ‘receipts’ seem to point out off messages from Kelly, citing that Taylor had ‘fg killed it’ and that he’s ‘stoked’ and ‘honoured’ that he became going to be featured on the discover.

The second image appears to be Taylor’s response, wherein he declines to be on the discover.

The messages reads: “So I listened to the guidelines and to be correct, I construct no longer judge I’m the coolest man for the discover.

“Nothing non-public, I correct judge if this is what MGK is attempting to search out, any other person is the person to construct it.

“It be all profitable and I’m stoked for him – I’m hoping you guys get the coolest match for it. Hope you already know and I wish you guys the very most exciting with it. If I’m in a position to reduction in any capacity, let me know.”


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