A criminal on Europe’s most wanted list has allegedly been spotted within the Caribbean.

Norman Volker Franz is a 51-year-venerable from the North Rhine-Westphalia home of Germany, and he’s been on the plug from the law ever since he broke out of penal complex help in 1999.

He was once imprisoned for killing two of us help in 1995, and has beforehand been fervent with a crime gang that attacked banks, to boot to being desirous about smuggling and the trading of lethal weapons.

Franz was once presupposed to be enrolling in class for further education on the time of his crime, nonetheless hurt up desirous about an ambush after his criminal gang was once blackmailed by their unlawful cigarette suppliers.

Norman Volker Franz. Credit: Newsflash
Norman Volker Franz. Credit: Newsflash

He and three a form of males lured the Polish males correct into a entice earlier than throwing a hand grenade into their automobile.

Franz then tried to construct a spoil for freedom, nonetheless was once arrested at a toll booth as he tried to construct it to France alongside with his then-girlfriend.

He was once sentenced to life in penal complex, nonetheless managed to flee for the first time on 11 March 1997 after sawing throughout the bars of his cell at JVA Hagen penal complex.

5 days later, he shot a financial institution safety guard and stole a money field with 10,000 Deustche Marks (£4,200) from the Dresdner Financial institution within the metropolis of Weimar.

He also killed two extra safety guards carrying 500,000 Deutsche Marks (£214,000) four months later within the metropolis of Halle.

At the time, a Convey Felony Police Officer stated: “The protection guards had no likelihood. He deliberate to shoot straight a ways from the open.”

He has been on the run since 1999. Credit: Newsflash
He has been on the plug since 1999. Credit: Newsflash

Franz was once then arrested within the Portuguese metropolis of Albufeira in October 1998 the place he had been working as an property agent below an assumed title.

As soon as any other time, he escaped from penal complex in Lisbon by slicing throughout the cell bars and has been on the plug ever since.

Then any other time, consistent with police he has recently been spotted on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Investigators stated: “A German vacationer seen a man on the island in April who matched Norman Franz’s description.

“He is conscious of that he is no longer allowed to be shut to Germans. They might maybe well perchance recognise him.”

The lead investigator, who has been on Franz’s case for larger than 14 years, stated: “Franz is a polite, shimmering particular person. He might maybe well additionally honest even be very charming in opposition to ladies.

A large reward has been offered for information leading to Franz's arrest. Credit: Newsflash
A neat reward has been supplied for data ensuing in Franz’s arrest. Credit: Newsflash

“Franz desires to construct his field fabric dreams, or assemble money in brief. The usage of funds is entirely irrelevant to him.

“He’s very, very unsafe.”

The German Federal Felony Police Workplace is offering a €25,000 (£20,920) reward to anybody with data that results in his arrest.


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