Richard Osman has mentioned he has suffered from food addiction since he was as soon as a baby and desires to destigmatise the shame surrounding it.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Desolate tract Island Discs, the Pointless presenter spread out about his addictive behaviour and mentioned it has been a ‘sophisticated chase’ coming to terms alongside with his points with food.

Credit: Alamy
Credit rating: Alamy

The 51-year-feeble mentioned: “There hasn’t been a day of my lifestyles since the age of nine the build I haven’t idea to be issues with food and the tactic it impacts me.

“And this would possibly be with me for the comfort of my lifestyles, I know that. I’m either controlling it or no longer controlling it at any given time, and at present time I buy watch over it more on the total than I don’t.

“But again, since you have to luxuriate in, it’s in actuality pretty onerous and in most cases you function inch nonetheless I strive my most efficient and I no doubt haven’t any shame about it now and someone at dwelling who overeats or, and thinks it’s ridiculous, you’ve correct got to divorce that.

“We all be pleased one thing that will get us thru lifestyles and if that’s yours, then you have to face it head on. 

“It’s correct no longer being so disturbed of lifestyles and disturbed of what is occurring to happen in case you build your self accessible.

“That’s a worldly chase and it doesn’t reach naturally to me nonetheless the more I strive it, the happier I safe.”

Credit: Alamy
Credit rating: Alamy

The TV presenter outlined that he skilled particular enviornment at one stage the build he was as soon as left feeling ‘directionless’, with out reference to his success having created the actual fact demonstrate Survivor and writing for quiz exhibits Own I Got Files for You and Whose Line Is It Anyway at the time.

He added: “I mediate it is that thing of, my profession was as soon as going effectively and I used to be as soon as generous, and I had teenagers, so I had all of the things that I believed had been the thing that I wished or the thing that was as soon as going to create the total lot okay, and none of them did.

“And growing older and older and proper notion that I used to be as soon as a bit directionless, and I had assorted addictive behaviours as effectively.

“As soon as you be pleased an addictive behaviour you know that one thing’s up since you know you’re hiding one thing or controlling one thing.

“My addictive behaviour has continuously been food, it has been since I used to be as soon as extremely younger.”

Credit: Alamy
Credit rating: Alamy

He reflected on how an addiction to food does no longer be pleased the identical ‘doomed glamour of instruments or alcohol’ nonetheless he sees them as ‘identical’.

He went on: “It’s correct booze nonetheless food… The secrecy of drinking these items, the shame within the abet of it.”

On the different hand, the TV presenter effectively-known that, whereas quitting alcohol and tablets was as soon as ‘unbelievably sophisticated’ you on the total can minimize them out of your standard of living, nonetheless as food is critical that was as soon as no longer likely which makes tackling the addition ‘sophisticated’.


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