Prince Andrew’s ex-lady friend Lady Victoria Hervey has claimed that the notorious photo that has been circulated of Andrew and Virginia Giuffre is de facto a counterfeit.

Moreover, the 44-365 days-traditional socialite shared one other photo – which seems somewhat dubious – on her Instagram myth.

Hervey also bizarrely claimed that the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted of crimes touching on to her relationship with disgraced billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was a ‘witch hunt’.

So, on her Instagram Hervey shared an edited model of the photograph that has been considered across the sector, which reveals the Royal with his arm across the waist of Giuffre.

Other than, on this model of the photo Giuffre’s image has been added to a background that doesn’t characteristic Andrew and Maxwell.

She captioned the image: “Anybody mindful of this photo?”

Here's what she shared. Credit: Instagram
Here’s what she shared. Credit ranking: Instagram

Then, she shared the choice photograph that we’re all mindful of, which does characteristic Andrew and Ghislaine, supposedly taken in 2001.

She asked her 113,000 followers: Invent you specialise in that photo is staunch? Or what if I suggested you a survivor of Epstein’s suggested me it is an Irish body double that was edited in.”

Clearly, right here’s a completely unsubstantiated inform, and we can’t undoubtedly be sure what or who she believes has been edited into the image.

Six days before that, Hervey claimed that Maxwell’s trial was a ‘witch hunt’, adding: “This memoir has been so blown out of proportion…

“I do know Ghislaine is obviously no longer a saint and may presumably pay encourage the trauma precipitated to her ‘victims’ but lifetime in jail for touching a ladies t20 years within the past and taking them on yacht, inside most jet and buying trips. Arrive on.”

There is no evidence that the photo was edited. Credit: Instagram
There isn’t any evidence that the photo was edited. Credit ranking: Instagram

The 60-365 days-traditional Maxwell was found guilty on 5 charges of sex trafficking and other crimes touching on to her recruiting and grooming underage ladies to hold sex with Epstein.

When sentenced, she is facing as much as 65 years in penal complex.

She is currently waiting for that sentencing in solitary confinement at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Recent York.

Giuffre claims that she was trafficked by Maxwell and Epstein and made to hold sex with Prince Andrew on three separate times when she was 17.

The Prince has continuously and strenuously denied all of these allegations.

Lady Victoria Hervey is a former girlfriend of Prince Andrew. Credit: Alamy
Lady Victoria Hervey is a venerable lady friend of Prince Andrew. Credit ranking: Alamy

Lady Victoria Hervey is a venerable relish hobby of the ex-Duke of York and is the sixth daughter of the Marquess of Bristol.

There isn’t any evidence to signify that her claims regarding the shots are appropriate.


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