There would possibly maybe be something incredibly hedonistic in regards to the realm of cinema snacks.

A giant bathtub of popcorn polished off earlier than the movie has even started? Estimable.

Leftover takeaway you introduced from residence and smuggled in on the backside of your handbag? Much less dazzling, but hiya, we’re all at nighttime.

Within the oeuvre of cinema treats, there would possibly maybe be now not noteworthy greater than the combo of movie popcorn and chocolate.

Placing a procure of chocolate correct into a suited, hot bucket of popcorn and letting it become a appetizing salty, buttery, melty mess is an absolute satisfaction and arguably one in every of the most practical most likely doable ingredients of seeing a movie.

One in every of the god-tier chocs to purchase for this ride is the Malteser.

I don’t even fancy Maltesers ordinarily, but there would possibly maybe be something in regards to the vogue the malty within and chocolate combine with popcorn that makes the suitable snack.

Maltesers be pleased heard and viewed us and they’ve delivered a movie-themed fancy child within the shape of popcorn flavoured Maltesers.

lolostock / Alamy Stock Photo
lolostock / Alamy Stock Describe

First noticed by FoodFindsGeelong on Instagram, a transient Google tells me these don’t look like in retail outlets yet, but look like on their intention.

Some be pleased reported discovering the chocolate on the cupboards of their native Woolies, but I have not yet noticed them in retail outlets come me.

In step with @foodfindsgeelong, they smell and model fancy popcorn favoured Jelly Stomach jellybeans, which I in spite of all the things detest, but per chance wrapped in chocolate they’re going to be deliciou.

studiomode / Alamy Stock Photo
studiomode / Alamy Stock Describe

The epic is in doubt on whether they in spite of all the things fancy the sweets, but they plot relate the more you eat the upper all of it tastes, so ideal for cinema binges then.

Would these combine successfully with popcorn to compose some unholy merger of flavour?

With out trying them it be very now not vulnerable to know pointless to relate, but whenever you’re a true hardcore popcorn lover then per chance right here’s the collaboration you had been wanting forward to.

In my notion, I’m now not convinced these will seemingly be salty ample for my model, on epic of I in spite of all the things err on the aspect of the more popcorn to chocolate ratio, but I’m restful appealing to purchase an different to get that corpulent movie snack ride in my residence.

“These would possibly maybe per chance presumably now not be for all and sundry though and we would be pleased most neatly-favored a caramel popcorn flavour but restful 6.5/10,” stated FoodFinds, and now I’m smitten by that I in spite of all the things desire it.

Perchance this will seemingly be the birth of a handsome snack sequence.


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