There could be a theory accessible that means one of many creators of the digital band Gorillaz could perhaps perhaps furthermore truly be the mysterious avenue artist Banksy, too. Review out the video beneath and seek what you invent of the overall facet.

So, let’s initiate with the essential functions.

Clearly, no one truly is conscious of who Banksy is – bar a extremely purchase out few individuals – but there are some critically compelling theories.

Nonetheless, others continue to maintain the secretive graffiti celeb could perhaps perhaps merely be a dude known as Jamie Hewlett.

Jamie Hewlett back in the 2000s. Credit: PA
Jamie Hewlett abet in the 2000s. Credit: PA

Whereas it’s possible you’ll perhaps perhaps no longer be straight conversant in him, it’s possible you’ll perhaps perhaps nearly surely be acquainted alongside with his work.

Hewlett is possible one of many creators of the comic book Tank Girl, but potentially greater identified for his work because the co-creator – alongside Damon Albarn – of Gorillaz.

Now, this theory – espoused right here by TikTok memoir @urbanartclub – refers abet to a time when Albarn’s veteran band Blur released an album known as Agree with Tank.

That is essential for the reason that art work for the album changed into designed by Banksy.

The video suggests: “We predict we learned Banksy.

“In 2003 Banksy created this conceal for Blur – Agree with Tank. Jamie Hewlett co-founded the Gorillaz digital band alongside Blur’s Damon Albarn.

“In 2010 Banksy’s movie company [Paranoid Pictures] changed into signed off as J. Hewlett.

“Coincidence, Jamie?”

Neatly, is it?

Could Jamie Hewlett be the elusive street artist Banksy? Credit: PA
Would possibly perhaps perhaps well perhaps Jamie Hewlett be the elusive avenue artist Banksy? Credit: PA

The claims first came to light in April 2019 after a forensics professional – who chose to remain nameless in characterize no longer to procure ‘despise mail for unmasking him’ – followed the breadcrumbs and turned up these companies.

He urged Metro: “Paranoid Pictures, sole production company of Banksy’s documentary, Exit By blueprint of The Present Store, is owned by Pest Management Space of enterprise ltd, the company used to purchase Banksy art work.

“Pest Management Space of enterprise is owned by Picturesonwalls Restricted, a company used to sell prints of alternative avenue artists. Picturesonwalls ltd is owned by Jamie Hewlett.

“Due to the this truth, it looks to be Jamie Hewlett is the final suitable proprietor of all Banksy companies, so if he is never truly Banksy, he ought to be very conclude to him.”

He added: “I truly maintain it will possible be Jamie Hewlett. Or as a minimum he looks to be to beget all things Banksy.”

Shall we? Credit: PA
Lets? Credit: PA

Banksy’s beget publicist has denied the claims in the previous, releasing an announcement that read: “Jamie Hewlitt is no longer the artist Banksy.”

Nonetheless, individuals beget seen that the observation spells that surname sinful, and consequently of this truth will possible be every other piece of trademark Banksy trickery.

Alternatively, while Banksy changed into out creating his title alongside with his extra special model of avenue art work in some unspecified time in the future of the mid-1990s, Hewlett changed into busy living in London, a precise educate crawl away.

Mute, his connection to a quantity of Banksy-adjoining companies does seem like more than merely a coincidence, and most likely – if he truly is no longer the artist – he truly is conscious of who is.


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