Many other folks non-public been caught out while eating out in a far off places nation, having had to take moderately of a raffle when ordering after realising our language abilities don’t seem to be moderately as evolved as we‘d hoped.

We as an different point on the menu desperately and hoping for the finestvowing to take up about a extra phrases subsequent time we streak.

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In most cases, clearly, that risk will repay, however utterly different cases the meal that arrives takes us all of a sudden a little – which appears to be like to be what took express to somebody in Rome no longer too long in the past.

Stock image of Rome. Credit: Alamy
Stock image of Rome. Credit: Alamy

A Reddit person posted a photo of a pizza their brother used to be served while in Rome, which utterly different customers said looked love an infinite ‘fk you’ to tourists.

The pizza in search recordsdata from had a sauceless skinny depraved and came topped with fries, slices of hotdog and what appears to be like to be love ketchup and mayonnaise drizzled exact by the quit.

Redditor u/saltybz wrote: “My brother bought this pizza in Rome, Italy…

When somebody in the comments joked that the pizza looked love a ‘Pisa st’, somebody else answered: “Exactly my conception. That could additionally very correctly be a most foremost ‘fk you American.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit
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One other agreed: “In actuality it is! Many restaurants, especially in Sicily, focus on about with a pizza with sizzling canines and french fries as pizza americano. But these had cheese at least. This pizza appears to be like to be love the chef is telling whoever ordered it to accumulate fd.

A fourth said: “Identical took express to a member of the family of mine. I judge it is either language barrier or a ‘fk tourists’ thing.”

Someone else joked that it used to be ‘seasoned with chef’s tears‘, while one other Reddit person added: “And anger.”

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Others said the dish used to be really a licensed pizza dish in Italy – either known as ‘Pizza Paperino’ or ‘Pizza Americano’ – however that it used to be extra regularly considered as a kids’ meal.

One outlined: “That’s a model of Pizza Paperino (Donald Duck). As you are going to be in a home to guess from the title, is mostly ordered by kids. Must you google it, you are going to get heaps of photos of questionable pizzas with fries and wurstel.

In my abilities it has nothing to discontinue with tourists or Americans, it is appropriate a pizza with two cheap ingredients loved by kids. Source: born and raised in Rome, faded to work in a pizzeria.

One other added: “It’s extra or less a kids dish. And plenty of kids find it irresistible without sauce (thats a final my abilities with picky eaters).


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