The closing sequence of After Existence has dropped on Netflix and, predictably, it has left viewers feeling slightly emotional.

In the event you never watched the sitcom, you also can surprise why a comedy is making of us so weepy, however the gift is as touching as it is a giggle.

The third and final series was released on Friday. Credit: Netflix
The third and final sequence used to be launched on Friday. Credit ranking: Netflix

It follows Ricky Gervais as he takes on the characteristic of Tony, a reporter at a free paper struggling to search out a plot in existence following the passing of his wife.

Across the route of the first two seasons, viewers had been moved by his fight with grief and makes an strive to crawl on from his tragic loss, and followers were wanting to conception how issues would pan out for the protagonist.

Creator, director and megastar Gervais told LADbible he wanted the ending to be ‘precise and glorious, but no longer ideal’, adding that he belief the final result used to be ‘stunning’ – and judging by the response on social media, it appears viewers agree.

Viewers have been touched by the ending of After Life. Credit: Netflix
Viewers had been touched by the ending of After Existence. Credit ranking: Netflix

The closing episode specifically is chock-a-block with shuffle-jerking scenes, from a assuredly affecting heart-to-heart between widowed graveyard companions Tony and Anne, to a heart-breaking consult with to a youth’s neatly being facility and a closing sequence that is every poignant and hopeful.

This fruits has precipitated an emotional outpouring of reward on social media:

Going into the final sequence, Gervais admitted he toyed with a quantity of assorted endings, but is ecstatic that the chosen conclusion is ‘aesthetic ideal’.

He told LADbible: “There had been a quantity of suggestions, and even moral as much as filming, there used to be, ‘Can I impression this? Is that too significant?’.

“I believe I went with the moral ending – I’m sure I might want to point out it on social media for the next 10 years.

“But I stand by it and I believe or no longer it is aesthetic ideal because, and not using a spoilers, the theme is – existence goes on.

“It is moral that, or no longer it is moral – existence goes on.”

He persisted: “I’d verbalize, all over again no spoilers, I’d verbalize here’s uplifting, this sequence.

“I believe there is more hope. I believe or no longer it is a undeniable message. I believe or no longer it is stunning. I believe or no longer it is glorious for issues to be to be finite, and I believe or no longer it is uplifting.”


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