Sarah Jayne Dunn has printed that her husband Jonathan Smith takes the photos for her to put up on OnlyFans

The married couple of four years every currently looked on ITV‘s Loose Ladies folk, the put Christine Lampard requested Smith if he helps the OnlyFans huge title for acting on the platform. 

The television presenter moreover eminent on the repeat that Smith is on the total the one within the support of the camera, to which he replied: “Yeah, exactly. Now not a lot has modified for me.

“I don’t search any assert with supporting her, particularly as it offers her more preserve watch over.”

He then turned to his spouse, adding that: “You feel safer posting those [photos] on OnlyFans than you manufacture Instagram!”

Meanwhile, Dunn told the panellists on the repeat that she absolutely sees the diversifications in working on the over-18s platform when put next along with her previous TV role: “It be diversified on myth of I am in preserve watch over…I’m getting to gain who I am working with, what I am carrying, I earn to gain if my photos earn photoshopped.”

She moreover eminent how in her previously magazine lingerie photoshoots, the cease consequence would cease up taking a leer worlds some distance from her appropriate self ensuing from the heavy bettering. 

“With photoshoots I’ve done through the years, some of them from devour the noughties, I will jog that isnt my body and it never was my body and I’ve never been flawless, devour nobody is!

“It be so empowering for me to head, ‘in truth I am doing this for me’ and moreover there would possibly be a monetary attend to it now on myth of i’m in preserve watch over of that.”

The actress was fired from her role on the cleansing soap after she signed as much as the platform in October, but it absolutely later came to light that producers didn’t appreciate plans to abolish off her persona Mandy, who she portrayed for 25 years. 

Sarah then notified bosses of the repeat that she never wants to come – even within the event that they requested her to.

A source told The Sun: “Sarah walked some distance from Hollyoaks when they handed her the ultimatum over OnlyFans and she has no decide on to come.”

“The door was left originate for her would possibly possibly moreover honest peaceful she ever are attempting to come support as her persona Mandy is an tall player within the cleansing soap.”


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