A Muslim man change into left ‘vomiting for days’ after he ate a burger ‘loaded’ with bacon. Peek below:

Gundogdu Yuzudik from Enfield, Elevated London, says he many times educated the server at Burger King that he positively did not desire any bacon on his double cheeseburger one day of a search recommendation from to a restaurant at Stansted Airport earlier this month.

Nonetheless, after taking a chunk out of the meal, the 22-three hundred and sixty five days-outmoded stumbled on to his awe that it change into packed corpulent of it.

Gundogdu, who has averted pork all of his existence due to the his non secular beliefs, says he change into disgusted and felt ‘physically sick’.

He acknowledged: “When I went to spend my burger, I took a chunk and it did not type beautiful. I opened the bun and it change into loaded with bacon.

“Even the smallest chunk made me of route feel mentally and physically sick. For 3 days after, I wasn’t eating successfully.

“I change into physically hungry but I could not spend without vomiting. I change into feeling sick.

“The concept of the bacon made me of route feel sick. Even when I’d be chewing something else, I change into robotically pondering it change into bacon.

“The principle day, I did not spend. By the third day, I change into slowly getting support to eating.

Gundogdu was left vomiting for three days. Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Gundogdu change into left vomiting for three days. Credit: Kennedy Data and Media

“I change into starving, but I physically and mentally would possibly not spend something else.”

Adding: “It would perhaps been my concept that I change into under no conditions going to spend it in my existence. I did not know whether or not I change into going to bear an hypersensitive response. That’s how indispensable it change into to me.

“I went support to the Burger King and complained, but they weren’t very pleasant. They accurate apologised and that change into it. Nothing else, which of route nervous me.”

Following the incident, Gundogdu posted a video to his TikTok web page, thru which he showed his burger full of bacon.

He acknowledged: “Right here’s fully ridiculous.

“So I lift out must give a large mutter-out to Burger King, while you are going to seem this, since you are going to be tagged on this.

The 22-year-old was disgusted after seeing the bacon on his burger. Credit: Kennedy News and Media
The 22-three hundred and sixty five days-outmoded change into disgusted after seeing the bacon on his burger. Credit: Kennedy Data and Media

“You need your workers out, you would possibly perhaps perhaps allow them to know that they bear to listen to easy instructions that they’ve been given by possibilities of route.”

Since sharing his complaint, it has been considered over 64,000 times, with some claiming the Burger King burgers need to not halal anyway.

Nonetheless, others sympathised with him and acknowledged that’s not the purpose

One person acknowledged: “Despite the indisputable truth that the burger will not be of route halal or not it is the precept.”

Nonetheless despite his arouse, the airport employee acknowledged he understood that mistakes happen.

He acknowledged: “I namely yell with all my meals ‘no bacon’, and or not it’s repeatedly been accurate. I educated this to the till lady as soon as or twice, and when I got my meals, I did not inquire of otherwise.

The chain has apologised for the mistake. Credit: Kennedy News and Media
The chain has apologised for the mistake. Credit: Kennedy Data and Media

“It change into a easy instruction. Or not it’s a mistake and we’re all human, but it completely wasn’t busy so that they weren’t working under stress so there wasn’t a clarification for them to bear made a mistake.

“Or not it’s accurate all the system down to traditional instructions. We’re all human, all of us diagram mistakes, I indulge in that.”

In an announcement, a spokesperson for SSP, who aim Burger King’s Stansted airport branch, apologised for the mistake.

It learn: “We’re dedicated to providing passengers with a big abilities at our eating locations, and we’re sorry to bear fallen short on this occasion.

“In gentle of this incident, we shall be retraining our team and guaranteeing all customised orders are double checked earlier than they’re served to befriend diagram sure it doesn’t happen again. Now we had been enthusiastic with the consumer to apologise straight.”


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