Mike Posner created indubitably one of many most memorable tracks to reach out of 2016: ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’. 

Nonetheless, despite having an upbeat melody, the song contains a grand deeper memoir within the lyrics, which is according to a exact-existence abilities of Posner’s. 

Talking on the Impaulsive podcast, the singer printed this darker which methodology. 

Sooner than the song used to be released, Posner described himself as a ‘one hit shock’. 

Having enjoyed global success along with his first single ‘Cooler Than Me’, the following tracks he released did no longer ruin the identical traction. 

Credit: YouTube/IMPAULSIVE
Credit: YouTube/IMPAULSIVE

Posner printed it used to be Avicii who persisted to mediate in him, and beef up him by technique of this tough duration, as he recalled: “When I was sitting at home with an empty calendar, he requested me to work on his album.” 

So, he flew over to Sweden in a repeat to resurrect his profession. 

Avicii used to be then build to play a pair of reveals in Ibiza, so Posner headed to the celebration islands. 

He described the abilities as ‘the saddest negate ever’, as he used to be ‘having a gaze at all these folks having fun’, but he used to be ‘on my own’. 

Then came the following day, as Posner defined: “Avicii came and done his remark. I was within the crew and – this used to be when I composed drank, I don’t drink anymore – I’m having a gaze at him on the stage and I was lawful pondering, ‘Man, I fed this up man, that used to be me, I wish it used to be composed me and it’s miles no longer’. 

“Think in regards to the disappointment of this second. I’m lawful within the GA [General Admission] fed up at is remark by myself.

“I hoped any individual would recognise me to manufacture me in actual fact feel factual.”

Credit: YouTube/IMPAULSIVE
Credit: YouTube/IMPAULSIVE

Necessary to his shock, a pair of men recognised him and provided him a pill, assumed to be MDMA; after taking it, he recalled being ‘up all evening’. 

Posner persisted: “I woke up the following day and I felt fancy hell. So, that song is about that darkness and that low in my existence. 

“The limitless irony of it’s that these guys remixed this coronary heart-breaking song and made it into a club banger.” 

Evidently deciding on to replicate positively on the scenario, Posner added: “On the opposite hand, I’m able to kinda zoom out and put rose-coloured glasses on and glance folks are having a factual time to my disappointment. 

“As artists we are trying to preserve our struggling, our anguish, our negativity, and manufacture one thing titillating out of it.” 


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