Kieron Dyer has published that he let out ‘years’ of frustrations on SAS: Who Dares Wins Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox.

Dyer, 42, says he then observed the ‘red mist’ whereas in yet any other subject which ended up with him taking it out on unhappy Foxy.

Fpx needed to be helped up by his co-huge identify Ant Middleton after Dyer battered him.

Talking to the Solar, Dyer talked about: “Sooner than this subject, they gain you psyched up about your loved ones, who you are going to abolish for, after which send you in in opposition to Foxy wearing your complete red equipment and also you in most cases maintain to evaluate like you wish abolish him.

Credit: Channel 4/Minnow Films
Credit ranking: Channel 4/Minnow Movies

“I appropriate let it out and what used to be so succesful about that, what I appreciated, is that once Ant in level of truth advised me to demolish, I performed. I manufacture not judge he realizing I used to be going to demolish, to be real.”


Dyer went on to notify his fellow huge identify contestants had been terrified to check that side of him – as he used to be ‘swearing like a madman’ at some level of the subject.

“The upsetting ingredient is, why I felt sorry for Foxy is, by this time my ribs had been inserting by a thread now, so that’s why I used to be appropriate beautiful kneeing him in the ribs,” he added.

“I used to be taking into consideration: ‘Well, you broke my rib on this direction, let me strive to destroy one of your ribs!’

“That subject gave me a sense of start from the entirety I’d been carrying for years, 100 percent, I in level of truth feel lighter, just like the weight of the world used to be off my shoulders.”

Dyer will not be primarily the most productive one who used to be left injured after participating in the indicate.

Saira Khan has since published that she used to be left with ‘life long’ scars from accidents she sustained at some level of filming.

the 51-year-feeble talked about she suffered a damaged ankle whereas wrestling in mud with Ulrika Jonsson, which required a metal plate with 9 pins, moreover a chipped shoulder, and needed to endure surgical operation.

Credit: Channel 4/Minnow Films
Credit ranking: Channel 4/Minnow Movies

She advised the Replicate: “I’ve never howled like it. I used to be in agony.”

Explaining why she determined to preserve on, she added: “I used to be waving that flag for ladies folks of their 50s to run, ‘Develop not write us off’.

“There used to be a chip on my shoulder, like, ‘I’m not going to expose to you ladies folks can’t preserve on if in worry. ‘Fyou, I will preserve doing it’.

“It used to be painful… nonetheless the adrenaline and shock. Your physique appropriate takes over.”


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