Now, with out leaning into too man hoary outmoded stereotypes, would anybody savor to hazard a wager as to where the particular person that created this leftfield culinary creation is from?

In any case, Dazza is from Scotland.

Food vlogger Darren ‘Dazza’ Dowling decided to assemble three slices of indulgent, but no longer precisely low-chunky, food for the prove, which this week used to be based in Glasgow.

The social media personality, who data a series of videos entitled ‘Does it Fry?’ additionally cooked up a deep-fried rooster and caviar dish, as well to the lasagne pasta meal that even incorporated deep fried lettuce.

Credit: Channel 4
Credit: Channel 4

Then, of route, he completed it off with a Glaswegian staple, the deep fried chocolate bar accompanied by ice cream.

For those that will additionally very properly be into this style of component, it will maybe perhaps perhaps perhaps sound savor heaven to you. For the uninitiated, it will additionally easy be hell.

Either blueprint, Dazza decided to deal with the norm and compare out to assemble some out of the ordinary and enticing food, in residing of factual phoning it in.

You would possibly want to commend him for that, no decrease than.

A pair of of his friends weren’t precisely thrilled, though.

Robert had to cease himself from puking at some level of the first route, whereas Jen described one route as ‘disgusting’.

Credit: Dazza
Credit: Dazza

Ever-major Kasia did no longer revel within the deep-buddy scran and even introduced alongside some packed sandwiches in case of emergency.

Dorine later said that she could maybe perhaps perhaps be grabbing a bite to eat on the top seemingly blueprint house because she couldn’t eat ample of the fayre spouting forth from Dazza’s kitchen.

Sooner than every person purchased there, he had said: “The worst component that will streak injurious tonight is the total lot is either burnt or soggy. There is no longer any in-between.”

Even supposing the food wasn’t their component, and Darren picked up factual 14 points, which is the lowest to find prior to now, the chums did no decrease than revel of their evening, as the patter used to be loads better than the food.

Daz said: “I ogle myself as the nucleus of stress-free in this week’s team. Has anybody laughed as basic as tonight?”

Credit: Channel 4
Credit: Channel 4

Whereas his friends weren’t into it, every other folks online would gladly give the fried food a attempt, it appears.

One particular person wrote: “The boy Darren on Advance Dine With Me this week is an absolute hero. Deep fried fing the total lot, even a Lettuce. Scotland at its most involving.”

One more said: “That daz fae does it fry on approach dine with me and serving nothing but deep fried scran is quality.”

Alternatively, a third commented: “Somebody please portray me they’re additionally seeing Advance Dine With Me true now and I did no longer factual hallucinate deep-fried lasagne.”


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