When Chris Hemsworth is filming for an upcoming action-packed movie, it is doubtlessly supreme to steal he’ll be shredded and filming for the Extraction sequel is no longer any exception. Gaze his workout regime here:

The 38-year-light Hemmy bro shared some clips of his routine which has transitioned from ‘heavyweight training’ to extra movements that spotlight particularly on ‘agility, strength and bolt’.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: “Gearing up for @netflix Extraction sequel. Transitioning from heavyweight training to heaps extra bodyweight helpful movements focusing on agility, strength and bolt. Give this runt work out a gallop and let the lungs bawl for mercy!”

He then listed the exercises which consist of:

  • 3 minute boxing spherical (cardio)
  • 50 squats (decrease body)
  • 40 take a seat thrus (mobility)
  • 20 reps for each (core)exercise
  • 25 push ups (upper body)
  • Leisure 2 minutes 4 devices in total

Friendly focused on doing that four instances is sufficient, thanks.

Credit: Instagram/chrishemsworth
Credit: Instagram/chrishemsworth

Filming is pickle to originate up for the 2nd instalment this autumn after the success of the key film which fleet turned Netflix’s most-watched favorite film.

Talking on a 2020 panel at Brazilian comic convention CCXP, author Joe Russo said: “The diagram is to originate rolling cameras on Extraction 2 sometime subsequent descend.

Chris [Hemsworth] is a busy guy so we must figure out his agenda, but that’s the intent for the time being.”

Now no longer giving freely too worthy, Joe – who is one half of the neatly-known Russo brothers – went on: “I’m composed no longer gonna commit because I relate it is extra entertaining to shock folks.

“Nevertheless I will recount this: we’re working at constructing out a universe of movies that will maybe doubtlessly explore a number of of the a lot of characters from the key movie and a few unique characters, and peep extra historical interaction between the characters.

“So when you’re in David Harbour’s persona, you right would possibly also glean to see him in a future Extraction movie.”

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Chris – who performs Tyler Rake within the action flick – has additionally teased the truth that he’d be happy to contain ‘one other couple’ of apply ups.

Making the revelation as he received a Folks’s Preference Award for the action superstar of 2020, he said: “We desired to fabricate a film that used to be totally different, outlandish, entertaining, filled with action but pushed the envelope. And I relate we completed that. None of that used to be imaginable without your reinforce.

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction. Credit: Netflix
Chris Hemsworth in Extraction. Credit: Netflix

“So I’m forever on your debt, I love you guys, you guys are the greatest…

“It used to be one among basically the most amazing experiences that I’ve ever had on a pickle and we’re gonna are trying to fabricate one other couple extra for you.”


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